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Migraine: plants and natural remedies to soothe

Migraine: plants and natural remedies to soothe

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During a migraine attack, the subject has the feeling to have your head caught in a vice, the pain is so strong.

Able last between 4 and 72 hours, the migraine can become very handicapping daily. Mainly affecting women, the migraine crisis affects around 12% of French people.

According to the WHO, this particular form of headache is the 7th most crippling in the world. Can we overcome it with virtues of plants ? Overview

Migraine, for the record

By its etymology, the migraine comes from the Greek "mikraníon ', which means pain affecting "half of the head". Still called headache, the migraine attack usually begins upon awakening. It is a singular form of chronic headache that is frequent and above all disabling for the subject.

Migraine being a hereditary illness, it generally begins between 10 and 40 years old. Although some factors whose menstrual cycle, food allergies, sudden changes in temperature or lack of sleep seem to trigger them, real causes of migraine are not fully understood.

Symptoms of migraine

Besides the headache, the symptoms of migraine involve nausea, vomiting, a big sensitivity to the light and at his. These headache symptoms usually get worse with physical activity.

Migraine, a real handicap

Very disabling, migraine is a combination of factors genetics (in two out of three cases) but alsoenvironmental. On a daily basis, this particular form of headache is according to the WHO, one of the most disabling conditions and considerably altering the subject's quality of life. It is ranked among the top ten diseases, if one takes into account mainly the female population.

Besides the treatments medication, sometimes preventive, and even those from unconventional medicine, are there other methods that can treat migraines ?

Treat migraine with plants

Healing with plants is not an empty concept.

Today there are many who adhere to the plant health. From there, the benefits ofherbal medicine on the health on a daily basis have been the subject of numerous attentions, including their impact on migraine. What exactly is it?

> How does the plant work?

The virtues of plants that relieve migraine attacks in a subject are numerous and the advice relating to their taking is diverse. Everything on the horizon ...

  • Basil:
    Besides its culinary properties, basil is recognized as an excellent anti-nausea. It is used as a means of prevention against vomiting and nausea: the main symptoms associated with a migraine attack. Well anti-inflammatory, this plant is recommended in cases of migraine, especially that of nervous origin.
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  • Anise:
    Also an antispasmodic, this plant calms spasms, vomiting and nausea.
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  • Dried cherry stems:
    Do you have migraines depending on the weather? Know that in herbal medicine, the tisane of dried cherry stems is one remedy to relieve you.
  • Peppermint essential oil:
    Known to have anti migraine properties and against pain, pepper mint is a real miracle cure for subjects suffering from migraines.
  • Lavender :
    True natural sedative, the lavender obtained by distillation, is known to relieve migraines, headaches.
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  • Balsamite :
    Still called mint rooster, this plant also has anti-migraine virtues.
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How to take?

For relieve your migraines,

  • taking the basil is recommended in infusion.
    To do this, a 3 to 5 g cup of basil after each meal is recommended.
  • theAnise is to be drunk in the form of decoction: several cups a day of green anise, i.e. 7 g per 500 ml of water, are recommended. In other cases, whatever the harm, it is advisable to leave infuse 1/2 teaspoon of anise seeds in a cup of boiling water for up to 10 minutes. Then drink a cup after each meal will relieve you for sure ...
  • The Cherry tail herbal tea
    Sold in pharmacies or organic stores, the cherry tail herbal tea is drunk after 5 minutes ofinfusion. If you have the possibility, you can also pick cherries and take only the tails. In this case, let infuse for 5 minutes, 4 tablespoons of cherry stems in 50 cl of boiling water. Let the herbal tea cool for a while before drinking it.
  • Peppermint essential oil
    To relieve your headache, it is advisable to pour only one drop ofpeppermint essential oil 100% pure and natural on your finger, then massage your temples and forehead, avoiding contact with your eyes. A tip: target the source of your headache and, massage precisely this place. Read the precautions for use carefully before use.
  • In infusion, the virtues of lavenderare more than beneficial in relieving headaches. For this, it is advisable to add 15 to 30 g of flowers per liter of water and, to drink 3 or 4 cups a day. sachets lavender, slide 1 under your pillow : this will promote a restful sleep in case of migraines.
  • Theinfusion of balsamiteis known for its virtues against headaches. It is recommended to steep for 10 minutes, 3-4 g per cup. Then drink 3 to 4 cups a day after meals to calm the spasms.

Here in a few non-exhaustive lines, plants whose virtues are recognized for relieve migraines.


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