Cherry Fly: Control and Treatment

Cherry Fly: Control and Treatment

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What is commonly referred to as the "cherry fly" is a small fly that lays eggs on cherries as they begin to ripen.

Usually, this phenomenon occurs around the end of May-early June and can last until July.

Find our tips for effectively fighting the cherry fly, so you will avoid seeing your cherry crop damaged.

Symptoms of cherry fly and worm

The first symptoms of the cherry fruit fly are not necessarily very visible, which implies a regular inspection of your cherry tree as soon as the cherries form.

The glass cherries are not long in arriving.

  • A small portion of the cherry begins to brown and then wilt.
  • The fruit rots from the inside and the maggot from the eggs appears.

Sometimes, when eating cherries, you come across a small whitish maggot.

Most affected varieties of cherry:

Late fruiting varieties are generally more affected than early fruiting varieties.

Cherry worm treatment

There are several treatments against the cherry fly, including insecticides

  • First, the most effective solution is to plant early varieties like bigarreau, because the fruit matures before the fly has achieved much activity.
  • Install traps based on ammonium sulphate to attract flies, also called pheromone traps.
  • Spray a 100% natural selective insecticide

There are chemical treatments that we strongly advise against due to their strong impact on the environment.

Smart tip about worm

Regular treatment for the prevention of cherry fly will help you limit its impact and proliferation. (photo © Alexei)

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