Mulching: do it yourself!

Mulching: do it yourself!

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Garden centers offer a whole range of mulches that are essential for the well-being of the soil and plants, summer and winter. But did you know that you can make them yourself?

Waste can be treasures, and that of the kitchen certainly is. Sorting cleverly when preparing your meals is a gift to give to your garden.

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Sort your kitchen waste

"All the fruit shells and pods can, for example, be recycled as mulch", explains landscape designer and garden coach Fernanda Voulgaropoulos.

In fact, apart from the compost, you can store several renewable materials: hazelnut and walnut shells, coconut husk to be transformed into coconut chips and, why not, cocoa shells.

Also think of peach and cherry stones (to replace the usual clay balls red and black), peanut shells, and egg and oyster shells.

Marie Cochard, creator of La Cabane Anti-Gaspi, also advises putting the residues of these in compost and placing the eggshells at the foot of vegetable and fruit plantations to enrich the soil.

In the garden too, we recover!

Also in the garden, remember to reuse the bark (if they are not sick) as well as the needles. maritime pine, the slates miscanthus, even hemp, to be reduced to flakes ... These are also excellent natural mulches to make yourself!

If necessary, do not hesitate to tell your neighbors or family members to gather the optimal amount of material. And investing in a chipper can be a big help!

Most of them are suitable for all uses: mulching of beds of trees, shrubs, annuals and biennials ... Their advantage is also aesthetic because their different shades can create atmospheres: "combine them with the whole colors in your garden or in a bed ”, concludes Fernanda Voulgaropoulos. In short, DIY-mulches only have advantages!

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